Vegetable chips: parsnip, parsley root, yacon, carrot and potato

Vegetable chips - groentenchips

Vegetable chips start to pop up everywhere as a sound alternative to regular chips.
Whether they are really healthier is something for nutrionalists to decide, but making vegetable chips is not at all difficult and dirt cheap.

I started working with these vegetables.

Vegetable chips - groentenchips

[[The carrot, potato and beetroot all of you know.
The large white root is a parsnip and the smaller one a parsley root or root parsley.
]{.ng-binding .ng-scope}[Parsley roots are slightly harder to obtain, but definitely worth trying out.]{.text .ng-binding .ng-scope}[ For example, in puree or in soup.
The taste is a mix of parsnips and celeriac.
The brown, black carrot is an exotic species: yacon. Yacon originates in the Andes and is very tasty raw.
The flavour is close to pear and melon.]{.ng-binding .ng-scope}[
In addition to these tubers you can definitely try to produce chips with other kinds of beets or roots, the ones with rainbow colours will give a nice effect.]{.text .ng-binding .ng-scope}]{.rephrase-phrase .ng-scope}[[ ]{.ng-binding .ng-scope}]{.rephrase-phrase .ng-scope .active}

I tried to make the vegetable chips in the oven. Take a look at the links for some recipes.
The results were very unstable and because I have a small oven it is difficult to have a fair amount of chips because the vegetables should not overlap.
For the deep fried version I used the recipe from Chefsteps.
They lower the temperature to 140-150 C and give 2 interesting tips.
Soak the sliced vegetables that contain starch (check the amount of carbohydrates) in water to reduce the amount of sticky starch.
In the deep fryer bake till all the bubbles have disappeared.
Most of the water will be gone and you will have a crispy result.
If the crisps are still soft after cooling: fry a second time.

The flavouring is very subtle, a bit of coarse sea salt, because the vegetables already do the trick. A tasty alternative is salt mixed with spicy smoked paprika. In the links you can find more inspiration. The taste of the beetroot changed a lot. The earthy taste goes to the background and the sweetness is more pronounced. The yacon resembles dried apples.
So next time you go deep fry, throw some vegetables in the fryer!

**]{style=“text-decoration: underline;“}-Chefsteps: potato chips (but as good for other vegetables)
-Chowhound: vegetable chips and dips
-Spoon for Bacon - Root Chips (oven baked) gin flavoured chips

Vegetable chips - groentenchips

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Vegetable chips: parsnip, parsley root, yacon, carrot and potato - - parsnips, parsley root, yacon, carrot, potato, beetroot, salt, Slice the vegetables using a mandoline or sharp knive into 1-1.5mm slices.; Soak starchy vegetables in water, drain and dry.; Deep fry till crispy at 140-150 C. ; Sprinkle with salt and cool. If still soft, deep fry a second time.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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